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Developing Angular applications using Docker

Published: 4/17/2017

Using Docker to deploy applications is great but there is so much more you can do with Docker if you want to. And it can solve some interesting problems along the way. One problem when developing...

What should be in a Single Page Application?

Published: 1/4/2017

Single Page Applications (SPA) are really popular these days. And that is understandable as React, Angular and similar libraries with browser based routing make it quite easy to do so for developers....

Lazy loading and Angular routing

Published: 1/2/2017

One problem with creating a Single Page Application (SPA) is that you might load the entire application when the user first starts the application but most of it is never used. Sure navigation is...

Angular 2 and HTTP Request headers

Published: 12/16/2016

Angular 2 does a lot of awesome work for you. But it doesn’t do everything you might expect. One thing it doesn’t do is set a lot of HTTP request headers. Now that makes sense as Angular doesn’t know...

Creating a React based Chrome extension

Published: 11/8/2016

Creating Chrome extensions is quite easy. In fact it is so easy I found it hard to believe how quick I had a sample up and running. And given how useful Chrome extensions can be I wondered how hard...

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